BOSTON CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEYIf you or a loved one has been hurt or suffered a wrongful death in a Massachusetts car accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed and may not quite know what to do. You may also be confused about how to initiate a Massachusetts car accident claim for your personal injury damages resulting from the accident. In addition, you may be feeling pressure to complete all of the necessary paperwork related to the car accident or the strain of getting the funds to pay for all of your medical bills for the Massachusetts personal injuries you have experienced as a result of a negligent Massachusetts driver. You may also not be able to work, and may be wondering how to pay for your monthly living expenses. Let us relieve some of your stress and worry. Our Boston injury lawyer experts have been successfully serving injured Massachusetts clients, in situations similar to yours, for more than the past 25 years. This is where our expertise and experience can help you. We have recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients. Our Boston, MA car accident lawyers will help you get your lost wages and medical bills paid. We will intelligently, vigorously and tirelessly fight for the car accident damages that you and your family deserve, and we will guide and help you through this difficult time.

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Massachusetts drivers often spend many hours on Massachusetts roads each and every day. Every time a Massachusetts driver enters the roadway, he or she is placing his or her safety, and the safety of their passengers, in the hands of other Massachusetts drivers who may be distracted, impaired or driving negligently or recklessly. Serious Massachusetts motor vehicle accidents are far too frequent and occur on our roadways every day. In the tragic event of a catastrophic motor vehicle accident or even a “fender-bender,” Massachusetts car accident victims, and their loved ones, all too often must face the mounting stress and difficulty resulting from an ever-growing pile of medical bills, property damage expenses and lost wages, in addition to the pain, suffering and emotional trauma that frequently accompany a vehicular accident. Let our expertise work for you. Our Boston car accident attorney experts will help you. Your needs are our top priority!

Every year in Massachusetts, approximately 150,000 car accidents occur. These accidents include multiple car collisions, hit-and runs, pedestrian accidents, single car accidents and multi-car pileups. Over 4000 of these Massachusetts motor vehicle accidents result in serious injuries, and over 500 result in wrongful deaths. While these statistics are astonishing and alarming enough on their face, they do not even begin to tell the complete story regarding the emotional suffering and lasting scars that the victims, and the families of victims, of Massachusetts car accidents may experience, particularly without the help of one of our experienced and highly skilled Boston personal injury lawyer advocates.

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Boston, MA Car Accident LawyersUnder Massachusetts law, victims of Massachusetts car accidents may be entitled to recover significant money damages for their injuries caused by the negligence or recklessness of another Massachusetts driver. These damages may include payment of medical bills, recovering for your lost wages, money for pain and suffering, loss of consortium monetary compensation, wrongful death damagers, money for scarring or disfigurement, and money for a permanent total or partial disability. In order to recover personal injury damages for the wrongdoing of a Massachusetts driver, however. it must be shown that the negligence of the other driver resulted in your or your loved one’s personal injury damages or wrongful death damages.

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To show that the negligence of another driver resulted in your Massachusetts car accident or personal injury damages, Massachusetts law requires that four elements be shown: duty, breach, causation and damages.

BOSTON CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEYLet us consider each of these elements in turn. All drivers owe a duty of care to all other Massachusetts drivers on the road. Such a duty includes, for example, stopping at a stop side until it is safe to proceed, and driving at a reasonable speed under all of the circumstances. If a driver fails to take reasonable precautions while driving, or fails to follow Massachusetts traffic laws, the driver has breached his or her duty of care and has acted negligently. When a Massachusetts driver has acted negligently while driving, and this negligence results in a Massachusetts car accident, the driver has breached his or her duty of care and is responsible for all resulting personal injury damages.

In order to establish that a Massachusetts driver actually caused your injuries, and is therefore required to financially compensate you for your injuries, Massachusetts car accident law uses a “but for” test. This test means that it must be shown that your injuries would not have resulted “but for” the breach of duty of care of the Massachusetts driver. In other words, the negligence must be shown to have caused your injuries.

Finally, in order to recover monetary compensation for your personal injuries, you must show that you actually suffered damages as a result of the Massachusetts driver’s breach of his or her duty of care, and that those damages were the natural and probable consequence of the Massachusetts driver’s misconduct. Damages may include, for example, property damage to your car, medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering or scarring and disfigurement. In the most tragic of circumstances, damages may include a wrongful death.

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So what types and kinds of monetary compensation and damages may you be entitled to? Damages from a Massachusetts car accident may include: money for whiplash and neck injuries; for broken bones; for burns, paralysis  and spinal cord injuries; for disfigurement and scarring; for a concussions or other brain and head injury; or even a wrongful death. Our expert Boston, MA car accident lawyers can get your medical bills paid, get you money for your pain and suffering damages, get your lost wages paid, and get your spouse compensated for loss of consortium for your serious injuries. Oftentimes, your spouse may have been damages by your physical injuries, and may thus deserve compensation for your serious injuries resulting from a Massachusetts car accident.

Boston, MA Car Accident LawyersOur Boston car accident attorneys and Massachusetts motor vehicle accident lawyers recognize that many Massachusetts drivers do not fully understand their rights regarding auto insurance. Our Boston, MA car accident lawyers are experts, and highly experienced, with understanding and maximizing the benefits derived from Massachusetts car insurance policies. We will use our expertise and knowledge to fight for the compensation you deserve. Our expert Boston, MA car accident law office can help you take advantage of all of the benefits available to you through your Massachusetts auto insurance policy, including payment for medical bills, lost wages and replacement services.

Our Boston car accident attorney experts take pride in providing our Massachusetts car accident clients with a full range of legal services. These services include: seeking compensation for your lost wages, ensuring you are receiving the proper medical treatment for your injuries, seeking reimbursement for your medical bills and expenses, obtaining your medical records and expert reports relating to your Massachusetts car accident personal injuries, getting money damages for your pain and suffering, and gathering all of the evidence that will enable our Boston car accident attorneys to achieve the best possible results for your Massachusetts auto accident claim.

Our Boston car accident lawyers expertly handle all types of motor vehicle accident cases, including:

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Largest Cities in the Commonwealth:
Boston, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Worcester, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer /  Springfield, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Lowell, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer /  Cambridge, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Brockton, Massachusetts Car Accident LawyerNew Bedford, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Fall River, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Lynn, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Quincy, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer

Other Cities and Towns of Note:
Attleboro, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Braintree, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer /Bridgewater, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Brookline, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Chelsea, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Dedham, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Everett, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Fitchburg, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Foxborough, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Framingham, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Haverhill, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Holyoke, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Lawrence, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Leominster, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Malden, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Marlborough, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Medford, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Methuen, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Milford, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Milton, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Natick, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Newton, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Norwood, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Peabody, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Plymouth, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Randolph, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Revere, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Roslindale, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Saugus, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Stoughton, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Taunton, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Waltham, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Wellesley, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Weston, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / West Roxbury, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Weymouth, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Woburn, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer

Massachusetts Counties and Other Regions:
Barnstable County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Bristol County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Cape Cod, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Essex County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Franklin County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Middlesex County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Norfolk County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer /Plymouth County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Suffolk County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer / Worcester County, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer

You need to act now! There is a statute of limitations in Massachusetts, as in all states, that sets a time deadline for bringing your claim. That law prescribes the maximum amount of time that a Massachusetts car accident victim has to settle a claim or file a lawsuit. If the time expires, you will forever lose all of your rights to get justice, and you will be unable to ever recover money damages.  In the event that you, a relative or another loved one or friend has been the victim of a Massachusetts car accident, it is thus critical to your case that one of our skilled and highly experienced Boston, MA car accident attorneys be consulted at the outset. We will make sure that no Massachusetts filing or other deadlines are missed and that all of the evidence that is critical to your Massachusetts car accident case is obtained and preserved. Call our Boston, MA car accident personal injury attorneys today at 617-787-3700 or email us at Your needs are our top priority!

To repeat. Under Massachusetts car accident law, you only have a limited time to file your claim. Some Massachusetts auto accident claims are subject to very limited statute of limitation laws, so immediate action may be required.

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